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Porter Family

1851 Census

Address: 11 Little James St.
  Thomas Porter, head, 70, m, Staffordshire, Jobbing Lab. (Could be Hertfordshire)
Caroline Porter, wife, 66, m, Sussex, Charwoman.  

   Henry Porter,  Son, 40, u, Marylebone, Carman Dustman.
 Richard Porter,  Son, 32, u, Marylebone, Dustman  Lab.
    Sarah Allen, Neic, 13, u, Marylebone, Scholar.

      Parish: Marylebone.
Ecc district: Christ Church.
     Borough: Marylebone.

HO107/1490/291/61  schedule: 313 

NOTE: The 1851 Census was taken on the 30th of March. 

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