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Additional Notes & Sources

Eleanor Wensley

Birth Details


  Name: Eleanor Hickman Wensley
  Date: 14 Sep 1801
 Place: Witney, St Mary, Oxfordshire, England
Father: Richard Wensley
Mother: Mary Wensley 

Marriage - IGI

    Name: John Poole
  Spouse: Eleanor Wensley 	
Marriage: 14 JUN 1819, Highworth, Wiltshire, England

Sarum Marriage Licence Bonds

     Bond date: 14 Jun 1819
         Place: Highworth,Wiltshire England

   Grooms name: John junr Poole (of this parish)
Marital status: Bacholor
    Occupation: Butcher

   Brides name: Eleanor Wensley (of this parish)
Marital status: Spinster
         Notes: Minor,daughter of Richard
      Bondsman: Richard Wensley,Innkeeper,Highworth

Death - BMD Index

Deaths Mar 1881 - Poole  Eleanor  80yrs  Greenwich  1d  582

Children and Grandchildren

Mary Poole

IGI - Christening 

       Name: Mary Poole 
Christening: 24 MAR 1820, Highworth, Wiltshire
     Father: John Poole
     Mother: Eleanor
Edward Poole

IGI - Christening 

       Name: Edward Poole 
Christening: 24 AUG 1821, Highworth, Wiltshire
     Father: John Poole
     Mother: Eleanor

NOTE: See Poole family page for more details on Edward.

Charles Poole

c.1819, Highworth, Wiltshire. 
Married Unknown 
(Known child: Lettisha Poole b.1838 ,who married Edmund Saunders).

John Poole

b.1826, Highworth, Wiltshire. d.24 dec 1897. 
Married Ann Peapoll (c.1832 d.9 Jan 1891).

(Known children: Charles James Poole b.1864 d.apr 1877. 
 Fanny Maria Poole b.dec 1856  d.1857)