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Additional Notes & Sources

Henry Thomas Hawkins

Birth - Parish Record

       Name: Henry Hawkins
Christening: 27 Jul 1828 in Saint John The Evangelist, Lambeth, Surrey.
     Father: Thomas Hawkins
     Mother: Mary Ann 
      Abode: Wootton St
 Occupation: Book Binder (father)
Marriage - BMD index

Marriages Jun 1856 - Hawkins Henry Thomas   Lambeth  1d  519 
                     Skevington Jane        Lambeth  1d  519 

Marriage - Certificate 

   Name: Henry Thomas Hawkins, Full age, Shoemaker. 
 Father: Thomas Hawkins, Vellum Binder.

   Name: Jane Skevington. Full age.
 Father: Samuel Skevington, Shoe maker.

   Date: 25th June 1856 
  Place: Parish church in the Parish of St Mary's Lambeth, Surrey.
Address: For both listed just as Lambeth.
Witness: Samuel Skevington and Ann Savidge.

NOTE: Vellum Binder was a skilled job. Vellum - A fine parchment made
      from calfskin, lambskin, or kidskin and used for the pages and
      binding of books.
Death - BMD index 

Deaths Dec 1897 - Hawkins  Henry Thomas  71yrs  Lambeth  1d  195

Deaths Mar 1907 - Hawkins  Jane  71yrs  Lambeth  1d  216

Children's Details

Jenny Mary Ann Parker Hawkins 

Births Jun 1856 - Hawkins  Jenny Mary Ann Parker   St George S  1d  148

Marriages Sep 1877 - Hawkins Jane    Lambeth  1d  726
                     Kay     Arthur  Lambeth  1d  726


13 Aug 1877, Holy Trinity, Surrey, Lambeth 

Jane Hawkins (full age) & Arthur Kay (full age, Grainer)
Brides father: Henry Hawkins, Shoemaker
Grooms father: Benjamin Kay, Painter
  Bride Abode: 8 Hercules Building
  Groom Abode: 16 Crozier Street
    Witnesses: George Thomas Askie & Elizabeth Askie  
                  Surname  Name             District  Vol  Page
Births Sep 1877 - Kay      Jenny Elizabeth  Lambeth   1d   400
Births Sep 1879 - Kay      Elizabeth Kate   Lambeth   1d   384
Births Sep 1882 - Kay      Alice Mary       Lambeth   1d   327
Births Jun 1885 - Kay      Minnie           Lambeth   1d   312
Births Jun 1887 - Kay      Arthur Henry B   Lambeth   1d   322

NOTE: St George Southwark and it is in the county of Surrey.

NOTE: Jane and Arthur Kay are living at 2 Peartree St. On 1891 Census. 
      Next door to her Parents. In 1881 the family are in Lambeth Road, 
      Hercules Buildings, London.
NOTE: Jane/Jenny dies some time before 1901. Her Husband is still at
      2 PearTree Street. Believe her eldest daughter Jenny Elizabeth
      is living at the same address, married to a Frederick Jerrom.

• • • • • • • • • •

Mary Ann Parker Hawkins

Births Dec 1857 - Hawkins  Mary Ann Parker  St martin in the F  1a  307

Marriages Sep 1877 - Hawkins  Mary Ann     Lambeth  1d  728
                     Alpe     John Edmund  Lambeth  1d  728
                     Alpe     John Edward  Lambeth  1d  728
Deaths Mar 1907 - Alpe  Mary Ann  48  Southwark  1d  83


25 Sep 1877, Holy Trinity, Surrey, Lambeth

Mary Ann Hawkins (full age) & John Edmund Alpe (fullage, ??moulder)
Bride's father: Henry Hawkins, Book maker
Groom's father: Henry Prithesse Alpe, Law writer 
Brides address: 8 Hercules Buildings
Grooms address: 61 Hercules Buildings
     Witnesses: Henry Hawkins & Jane Hawkins

                  Surname  Name               District    Vol  Page
Births Sep 1878 - Alpe     John               Lambeth     1d   333
Births Jun 1880 - Alpe     Caroline Parker    Lambeth     1d   361
Births Jun 1882 - Alpe     Ada Florence       Lambeth     1d   32_
Births Mar 1884 - Alpe     Rose Elizabeth     Lambeth     1d   359
Births Dec 1888 - Alpe     Louisa             Lambeth     1d   319	
Births Jun 1891 - Alpe     Matilda            Lambeth     1d   342
Births Dec 1893 - Alpe     Henry Thomas P     Lambeth     1d   325
Deaths Mar 1882 - Alpe     Caroline Parker 1  Lambeth     1d   265

• • • • • • • • • •

Henry Thomas Parker Hawkins

Births Mar 1861 - Hawkins  Henry Thomas Parker  St.Martin  1a  337

1911 census  61 St Georges Road Peckham, Camberwell, London

  Name                 Condition     Age Occupation 	       Where Born
  Henry Hawkins  Head  Married       50  Printers Labourer     Southwark
    Ada Hawkins  Wife  Married 29yrs 46                        City
  Frank Hawkins  Son   Single        22  Fountain Pen Maker    Lambeth
 Arthur Hawkins  Son   Single        19  Fountain Pen Repairer Lambeth
 George Hawkins  Son   Single        16  Printer               Lambeth
 Lottie Hawkins  Son   Single        14  Card & Case Maker     Lambeth
Leonard Hawkins  Son                 11                        Lambeth
Earnest Hawkins  Son                  9                        Walworth
 Alfred Hawkins  Son                  3                        Peckham

NOTE: After George Hawkins' occupation I think it might say Bank note printer?

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Caroline Parker Hawkins

Births Mar 1863 - Hawkins  Caroline Parker  Strand   1b  502

Marriages Mar 1880 - Hawkins     Caroline   Lambeth  1d  616
                     Wheelhouse  William    Lambeth  1d  616

Deaths Mar 1906 - Wheelhouse  Caroline  42  Lambeth  1d  142


29 Feb 1880, Holy Trinity, Surrey, Lambeth  

Caroline Hawkins (aged 18) & William Wheelhouse (aged 21, Slater) 

Bride's father: Henry Hawkins, Shoemaker 
Groom's father: James Wheelhouse, ???
  Address both: 54 Carlisle Street
     Witnesses: H Hawkins & ??? Wheelhouse
                  Surname     Name                District    Vol Page
Births Sep 1880 - Wheelhouse  Caroline Parker     St.Saviour  1d  74
Births Dec 1882 - Wheelhouse  William Arthur      St.Saviour  1d  63
Births Dec 1884 - Wheelhouse  Arthur              Lambeth     1d  421
Births Sep 1886 - Wheelhouse  Henry John          St.Saviour  1d  76a
Births Dec 1891 - Wheelhouse  Amelia Annie        Lambeth     1d  319

Deaths Mar 1882 - Wheelhouse  Caroline Parker  1  St.Saviour  1d  56

1881 Census... 

66 Webber St, Southwark St George Martyr, Surrey England.

 William Wheelhouse  Head  M  Male    21  Lambeth Surrey   Slater
Caroline Wheelhouse  Wife  M  Female  19  Lambeth Surrey   Black Borderer
Caroline Wheelhouse  Daur     Female  9m  Southwark Surrey
RG11 Piece/Folio 0531/34 Page:47

1891 Census... 

Chant Place, St George The Martyr.

William Wheelhouse  Head  30  Lambeth - Doll & Toy maker. Married.
William Wheelhouse  Son   9   Southwark
 Arthur Wheelhouse  Son   6   Lambeth
  Henry Wheelhouse  Son   5   Southwark

RG12 Piece/Folio 346/155 Page:9

NOTE: Caroline Hawkins/Wheelhouse in the 1891 and 1901 Census is back
      living in her parents home. In 1891 in fact, she is listed with
      maiden name Hawkins & has single next to her name.

• • • • • • • • • •

Edward Parker Hawkins

Births Dec 1865 - Hawkins  Edward Parker   Strand  1b  530


1 Nov 1885, at Saint John The Evangelist, Surrey, Lambeth  

Edward Hawkins (aged 20,Printer) & Eliza Jones (aged 19) 

Groom's Father: Henry Hawkins, Shoemaker
Bride's Father: Robert Jones, Postman
  Both address: 1 Peartree Street
     Witnesses: Henry Hawkins & Jane Hawkins

• • • • • • • • • •

John Parker Hawkins

Births Dec 1867 - Hawkins  John Parker  Strand  1b  533

Marriages Jun 1892 - Hawkins  John   Lambeth  1d  721
                     Allen  Amelia   Lambeth  1d  721

Deaths Jun 1922 - Hawkins  John P  54yrs  Southwark  1d  37

For Certificates etc. please see John Hawkins Individual Notes.

• • • • • • • • • •

Arthur Parker Hawkins

Births Sep 1870 - Hawkins  Arthur Parker     Lambeth    1d  290

British Army Service Records...

             Name: Arthur Hawkins
             Born: London Surrey
            Trade: Labourer
            Dates: 2nd May 1889 to 19th May 1902
            Corps: Royal Artillery, No.73150, Driver
    Total service: 13yrs 18 days
           Served: Home for 1yr  312 days
                  India for 5yrs 31  days
                   Home for 2yrs 351 days
               S.Africa for 2yrs 119 days
                   Home for 20 days
      Next of Kin: Father, Henry Hawkins, 1 Pear Tree St Lambeth Surrey.
Distinctive Marks: tattoos, left & right forearm & back of left hand
      Description: Height 5ft 3 5/8in, Complexion fair, Hair D.Brown,
                   Eyes brown, Chest 33in, Weight 119lbs

NOTE: I think the image says, regarding the tattoos, that one arm has a soldier 
      crossflags with sailors head. Other arm has X.X dot heart & love. 
      Hag or Flag on back of hand. 

NOTE: The original image has big long list of entries for statement of services. 
      It shows pay was withheld a few times while awaiting trial & imprisonment.
      It doesn't say anything about why he was on trial.

Arthur was put on trial for murder in 1907.  
At the trial at the Old Bailey it is stated that Arthur had a "wife" of 3
years, Amelia Annie Berry (b.abt.1875) and that they had a child together
(Arthur P Berry). Amelia Berry later married a William Mcgregor Bowie
(1914,Walworth All Saints), and they had two children. 

Arthur P Berry was staying with his Uncle John Hawkins in 1911. John put 
him on the census as Arthur Hawkins, Nephew, aged 5. Arthur went on to 
marry a Grace D Caldcleugh in 1933.

Baptism of Arthur (Junior)...

        Name: Arthur Parker Hawkins
Baptism Date: 12th Sept 1909
  Birth Date: 13 Dec 1903
     Parents: Arthur (Labourer/Engineer) & Amelia
     Address: 141 High Block
       Place: St John the Evangelist, Lambeth.
NOTE: Arthur Jr, was baptised the same day/place as his cousin Violet. 
      Same address, so I think he was probably living with his Uncle John
      for some time, at least up until the 1911 Census. 
      It pretty obvious whoever wrote the record put HIGH instead of I
      for the block/address. They make the same mistake on the record
      for both Arthur and his cousin Violet. Address is 141 I block
      Queen's buildings.
Death Index for Arthur (Junior)...

        Name: Arthur Parker Berry
  Birth Date: 13 Dec 1905
  Registered: Jun 1978
Age at Death: 72
Reg District: Tonbridge
      County: Kent
      Volume: 16
        Page: 2183

1911 Census... 

Address: Parkhurst Carisbrooke Isle of Wight

HAWKINS, Arthur Parker  Convict  S  M  40  1871  Former Genl Lab  London Lambeth 

Marriage BMD Index...

Marriages Mar 1926 - Hawkins  Arthur P  Sydee   Southwark  1d  76
                     Sydee  Florence K  Hawkins Southwark  1d  76

Electoral Roll 1926... 

22 Queens Buildings, Southwark Bridge Road.

R  O  Arthur Parker Hawkins (Residence & Occupation qualification)
HO HO Florence Kate Hawkins (Qualification through Husbands Occupation)
O  O  Louisa Mary Turnbull  (Occupation qualification)

NOTE: Louisa Turnbull is Florence's sister.


Births Sep 1927 - Hawkins Arthur P G Sydee   Southwark  1d  60

Death BMD Index...

Deaths Mar 1933 - Hawkins Arthur P  62       Southwark  1d  56

• • • • • • • • • •

Robert Parker Hawkins

   Births Dec 1874 - Hawkins  Robert Parker  Lambeth  1d  341

Marriages Jun 1897 - Hawkins  Robert      St.Saviour  1d  99
                     Bates    Ann         St.Saviour  1d  99

       Groom: Robert Hawkins, aged 22
  Occupation: Type founder
       Bride: Ann Bates, aged 22
        Date: 9 May 1897
       Place: Christ Church, Surrey, Southwark
Groom father: Henry Thomas Hawkins, Bootmaker 
Bride father: Henry Bates, Type caster
Address both: 48 George Street 
   Witnesses: Frederick Barrett & Eleanor ???? Perry

                  Surname   Name                  District   Vol  Page
Births Dec 1900 - Hawkins   Annie Helena V        Lambeth    1d   317
Births Jun 1902 - Hawkins   Grace May             Lambeth    1d   309
Births Jun 1905 - Hawkins   Robert Parker         Lambeth    1d   287
Births Jun 1907 - Hawkins   Margaret Henrietta    Lambeth    1d   276
Births Jun 1909 - Hawkins   Henry Thomas P        Lambeth    1d   273

                  Surname   Name        Mother    District   Vol  Page
Births Dec 1911 - Hawkins   John F P    Bates     Lambeth    1d   508
Births Jun 1913 - Hawkins   Charles P   Bates     Southwark  1d   92
Births Jun 1913 - Hawkins   Jessie P    Bates     Southwark  1d   92

                  Surname   Name               Age District   Vol Page
Deaths Jun 1908 - Hawkins   Margaret Henrietta  1  Lambeth    1d  112
Deaths Mar 1911 - Hawkins   Henry T P           1  Lambeth    1d  152
Deaths Jun 1912 - Hawkins   John F P            0  Lambeth    1d  369
Deaths Jun 1914 - Hawkins   Charles P           1  Lambeth    1d  369
Deaths Mar 1927 - Hawkins   Robert P           21  Camberwell 1d  989

Marriages Dec 1924 - Hawkins  Annie H V  Murray    Lambeth   1d   524

1911 Census...

Robert Parker Hawkins, Head, 36, Typefounder
          Ann Hawkins, Wife, 36, Cardboard box maker
        Annie Hawkins,  Dau, 10  
   Gracie May Hawkins,  Dau, 8
Robert Parker Hawkins,  Son, 5

23 Ethelm St, New Cut, Lambeth, London.
All born Lambeth London. Married 14 years. 5 children born and 2 still living. 

Electoral Roll 1926... 

17 Queens Buildings, Southwark Bridge Road.

HO HO Ann Hawkins 
R  -  Robert Hawkins
R  O  Robert Parker Hawkins

HO - Qualification through Husbands Occupation
R  - Residence qualification
O  - Occupation qualification

NOTE: Robert Parker Hawkins died aged 21 of septecaemia.
      Jessie Primrose Hawkins dies the 22nd November 2004, aged 91 years.
Additional notes on finding the Children's on BMD Index

In the box above is listed the BMD index for each child of Henry & Jane Hawkins.

As you can imagine, Hawkins is a common surname & with no unusual first or
middle names I could not previously find them listed until I found that they 
were all registered PARKER Hawkins.

This I found from finding first off, ARTHUR and then HENRY Hawkins as they were 
the easiest to find as on their respective census returns they were listed in 
months old rather then years.

The 1871 Census was taken on April 2nd of that year. ARTHUR was 8mths old when 
that census was conducted, so putting him as being born in JULY/AUG of the 
previous year 1870 & born Lambeth. Hence registered SEPT quarter.

The 1861 Census was taken on April 8th of that year. HENRY Hawkins is listed 
as 4 months old, & born St.Martins. This would put his DOB as around the 2nd 
of December 1860. It is more then possible that he was not registered until 
the following quarter. Hence MAR 1861.

Also on the 1901 Census, ROBERT is listed as Robert P Hawkins.

The upshot of all this was I was able to pin down their BMD entries, & therefore 
seen both had PARKER as middle name. From that it was then much easier to find 
the rest of the children. They all have PARKER as middle name.