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Elizabeth Turner

Birth:1821 Marriage:1852 Death:1892

Mother was Frances Ellen. Father was Henry Turner. Born 1821, In Southwark, London, England.

Married to Edward Poole on 26th Sept 1852, in London. Children were:

Edward Poole (c.1845)
Elizabeth Poole (b.1846)
Emily Poole (b.1848)
Ellen Poole (b.1849)
Julia Poole (b.1851)
Charles Poole (b.1853)
Fanny Poole (b.1858)
Eleanor Poole (b.1860)
Clarence Poole (c.1863)

Available are the 1851 census, the 1861 census, the 1871 census, the 1881 census, and the 1891 census.

Elizabeth died on the 29th August 1892 at St Stephens Square, Southwark from Exhaustion and Bronchitis. she was 72.

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Some known addresses...
1851 - 1 Kings Head Court - aged 26
1851 - 2 Neville Court - aged 26
1861 - 1 Neville Court, Fetter Lane- aged 36
1871 - 11 Union Place - aged 46
1881 - 22 Edward Street - aged 58
1891 - 18 St Stephen's Square - aged 70

Henry Turner

Birth: Marriage:1816 Death: Father of the above Elizabeth

Born abt.1790. Married to Frances Ellen in 1816.
Henry & Frances children were...

Mary Ann Turner (b.1817)
Jane Turner (b.1821)
Elizabeth Turner (b.1821)

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