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Elizabeth Thompson

Birth:1820 Marriage:18?? Death:

Mother was Elizabeth Absalom. Father was a William Thompson.
Born 1820.

Elizabeth married a Charles Hemmings, date unknown.
Their children were:

Mary Ann Hemmings (c.1834)
Maria Hemmings (c.1837)
Charles Hemmings (b.1839)
Thomas Hemmings (b.1840)
Elizabeth Hemmings (b.1843)
Joseph Hemmings (b.1845)
William Hemmings (b.1848)
Margaret Hemmings (c.1852)
Charles Hemmings (b.1858)
Rose Hemmings (b.1860)

I think that the first two children in the list above might of been stepchildren.

Elizabeth and her family can be found on the 1841 Census, the 1851 Census and 1861 Census. Charles & Elizabeth are both inmates at Bloomsbury Workhouse in the 1871 Census and the 1881 Census.

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Some known addresses...
1839 - 12 King Street - age 20
1843 - 29 King Street - age 24
1845 - 34 Charles Street - age 26
1851 - 29 King Street - age 32
1852 - 29 King Street - age 33
1861 - 24 King Street - age 42
1871 - Bloomsbury Workhouse, Endell St - age 51
1881 - Bloomsbury Workhouse, St Giles in Fields - age 62

William Thompson

Birth: Marriage: Death: Father of above Elizabeth

William must of been born on or before 1790.

He was married to Elizabeth Absalom in 1810. Children were:

William Thompson (b.1819)
Elizabeth Thompson (b.1820)
Margaret Thompson (b.1825)

Date of William's death is unknown but believed it to be some time before 1841.

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Some known addresses...
1810 - Camden
1819 - 34 Crown Street
1820 - 4 Plumtree street
1841 - King Street, Finsbury