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Portrait of James Henry Leigh Hunt
James Henry Leigh Hunt.

Old photo of Eagle Hall in Southgate,England
Eagle Hall
Birth place of Leigh Hunt.

Photo of Leigh Hunt's grave
Leigh Hunt is buried at
Kensal Green cemetery

Photo of Leigh Hunt's grave
Leigh Hunt's stone
Prior to the bust being stolen.




Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt

Birth:1846 Marriage:1868 Death:1925

Mother was Harriett Lapham. Father was John Horatio Leigh Hunt.
Born 1846 in Middlesex London.

Harriet married at age 22, an Edward Poole, May 1868, in West London. Children were....

Kate Ruby Poole (b.1869)
Edward Poole (b.18__)
Arthur Poole (b.1874)

Harriet Poole (nee.Hunt) is recorded in the 1871 census, the 1881 census, the 1891 census, the 1901 census, and the 1911 census.

Catherine died in 1925, aged 78.

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Some known addresses...
1851 - 18 Shoe Lane - aged 4
1861 - 8 Wine Office Court - aged 15
1871 - 11 Union Place - aged 24
1874 - Edward Street - aged 27
1878 - 89 Suffolk Street - aged 31
1881 - 8 Paved Court - aged 35
1891 - 22a Pepper Street - aged 44
1901 - 60 Friar Street - aged 55
1911 - 13 Miniver St King James St - aged 63
1914 - 61 Little Surrey Place - aged 66
1925 - 188 Queen's Buildings - aged 78

John Horatio Leigh Hunt

Birth:1812 Marriage:1840 Death:1846

Father of above Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt

His mother was Marianne Kent. Father was James Henry Leigh Hunt. Born 1812. Married to Harriett Lapham in 1840, and they had four children...

Mary Ann Leigh (b.1837)
Ruth Leigh (b.1839)
Ruby Leigh (b.1843)
Harriet C. Leigh (b.1846)

All four of their daughters were christened in 1846 at Saint Brides, Fleet Street. John was an author.

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Some known addresses...
1840 - 5 Wellington Strand - aged 28
1841 - 5 Martlett Court - aged 29,  (Just off Bow St.)
1843 - 36 Farringdon St - aged 31
1851 - 18 Shoe Lane   (Just off Fleet St.)
1861 - 8 Wine Office Court   (Just off Fleet St.)

James Henry Leigh Hunt

Birth:1784 Marriage:1809 Death:1859
Father of above John Horatio Leigh Hunt

Mother was Mary Shewell. Father was Isaac Hunt. Born 19th Oct.1784, Southgate England.

Married Marianne Kent in 1809. The children were...

Thornton (1810-1873)
John Horatio (1812-1846)
Mary Florimel (1813-1849)
Swinborne Percy (1816-1827)
James Henry Sylvan (1819-        )
Vincent Novello (1823-1852)
Julia Trelawney (1826-        )
Percy Bysshe Shelley (1817-1899)
Jacyntha Shelley (1828-1914)
Arabella (1829-1830)

Essayist and poet, Leigh Hunt was editor of a number of literary periodicals, including the radical weekly Examiner, in which he published the works of Keats and Shelley, then little known. A friend of Byron, Lamb and many important writers, Leigh Hunt played a prominent role in London's literary and political affairs. He was famously imprisoned for two years in 1813 with his brother John for libelling the Prince of Wales. Approx 1802 he set up the weekly Examiner, with his brother John. This was the first of a series of journals he edited, which included the Reflector, Indicator, Companion, Tatler and London Journal. The character of Harold Skimpole in Charles Dickens's Bleak House was allegedly based on him.

The National Portrait Gallery currently hold some portraits Leigh Hunt and one of his son Thornton.

The 1851 census for Leigh Hunt, & IGI marriage record.

Leigh Hunt died on the 28th August 1859.

Some known addresses...
19/10/1784 - Southgate, Middlesex
1813 to 1815 - Surrey gaol
1815 to 1816 - Maida Vale, Edgware Road
1816  -  Hampstead Heath
1822  -  Pisa
1823 to 09/1825 - Florence
1825 - Highgate Hill, London
1828 to 1832 - Epsom, Old Brompton, St John's Wood, & finally New Road, Marylebone
1833 to 1840 - 4 Cheyne Row, London
1840 to 1851 - 33 Edwardes Square, Kensington
1851 to 1853 - 2 Phillimore Terrace
1853 to 1859 - 7 Cornwall Road, Hammersmith

Isaac Hunt

Birth:1742 Marriage:1767 Death:1809 Father of above Leigh Hunt

Mother was Elizabeth Bryant. Father was Isaac Hunt .
Born 1742, in Barbados.

Married Mary Shewell June 18th 1767, in Christ Church Philadelphia. Isaac and Mary's children were...

Franklin Hunt (c.1764)
Isaac Hunt (c.1768-1811)
Stephen Shewell Hunt (b.1772-1831)
Robert Hunt (b.1773-1851)
John Hunt (b.1775-1848)
Eliza Hunt (d.infancy bf.1777)
Benjamin Hunt (d.infancy bf.1777)
James Henry Leigh Hunt (b.1784-1859)
Mary Hunt (d.c.1790)

Educated at the William Smith College in Pennsylvania, obtaining a law degree in Philadelphia.

Isaac was staunch loyalist, and had made a name for himself by defending other loyalists in court. Also as the author of many pamphlets championing the cause of the British Crown. The inflammatory nature of these activities, carried out in the face of the revolutionary winds that were blowing at the time, ultimately triggered predictable consequences.

Early one morning in 1775, he was taken from his house and, along with a Dr. Kearsley, an equally dedicated Tory, was driven about the streets of Philadelphia in an open cart, the intention being eventually to tar and feather both men. At the last minute the two Loyalists were spared the ordeal of being tarred and feathered when a friend of Colonel Robert Shewell, Mary Hunt's uncle, managed, to overturn the tub of hot tar that had been prepared for the purpose.

After being paraded up and down the streets, both men were imprisoned. Isaac bribed a prison guard and escaped,ending up in England, via Barbados. It was almost two years before his wife and children were able to join him.

Once In England the Hunt family fell on hard times and Isaac, unable to practice law, became a preacher. He even spent some time in debtors prison. Kings Bench... which was located on the exact site of what was to become Queens Buildings, in Southwark.

The Duke of Chandos, James Henry Leigh, having heard Isaac preach, employed him as a tutor to his nephew. Upon the birth of Isaacs fifth son in 1784, the baby was then named, James Henry Leigh Hunt. Subsequently all of James Henry Leigh Hunts Children and as far as I know, grandchildren, all were Leigh Hunt instead of just Hunt.

Died 1809, age 57. Buried Bishopsgate Street Churchyard Cemetery.

All information here is gathered from a number of internet sources. To best of my knowledge, after cross referencing many sites, this information is correct.

Reverend Isaac Hunt

Birth:1722 Marriage:???? Death:1759

Mother was Anne. Father was Brian Hunt, Born the 27th of July 1722. Christened in London in August 1722, but brought up in Barbados, where he was to later become the curate of St. Michael's.

Married to Elizabeth Bryant (of an old Barbadian family).
Their children were...

Isaac Hunt (b.1742)
Elizabeth Hunt (b.1743)

Isaac died in 1759 (aged 37), and is buried in the chancel of St. Michael's Church, Barbados.

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Reverend Brian Hunt

Birth:1685 Marriage:???? Death:1744

Mother was Catherine Courthope. Father was Isaac Hunt. Born 1685. Native of Sevenoaks, Kent.

Married to Ann (surname unknown), while attending Cambridge (So est. around 1706). Children Of Brian and Anne were:

William Hunt (b.1710)
Brian Hunt (b.1717)
Isaac Hunt (b.1722)

Records at Cambridge University in England state that Reverend Brian Hunt, who was born in Kent in the late sixteen hundreds, was admitted to Corpus Christi in 1704 (He left without a degree).

Vicar of Quadring in Lincolnshire from 1717 to 1722.

In 1722, according to Fothergill's Emigrant Ministers, he was sent to Virginia, and the following year he became a missionary with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in South Carolina. He returned to England in 1728 after proving disagreeable to the parishioners.

In 1731 he went to Barbados to be rector of St. Joseph's in Bridgetown. He died in 1744.

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Isaac Hunt

Birth:1660 Marriage:1683 Death:1691 Father of above Brian

Mother was Sara. Father was Edward Hunt. Isaac was born in Dunchideock (Exeter,Devon), in 1660.

An undergraduate of Sidney College, Cambridge, and rector of Foots Cray parish church in Kent, from 1687 until 1691. He died in office, aged 31.

Married to Katherine Courthrope of Wadhurst, Sussex. Children were:

Brian Hunt (b.1685)

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Edward Hunt

Birth:???? Marriage:???? Death:1695 Father of above Isaac.

Mother was Elizabeth Crafts. Father was Eusebius Hunt.

Edward Hunt (Minister of the Gospel), was Vicar of Dunchideock up until 1662-63, at which time he was ejected and removed to Exeter. Died minister of a congregation at South Molton.

Married to Sara (Surname unknown). Children were:

William Hunt (b.1656)
Isaac Hunt (b.1660)

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Eusebius Hunt

Birth:???? Marriage:1614 Death: Father of above Edward

Born sometime before 1590. Eusebius was a minister of the Church of England. He was married to an Elizabeth Crafts (or Crofts), in 1614.

Children of Eusebius and Elizabeth:

Edward Hunt (b.        )

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