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Poole Family

1911 census

Address: 13 Miniver Street, King James Street SE

Kate Poole  Head  Widow  F  63  Envelope Folder  St Brides London EC 

       County: London  
     District: Southwark  
  Subdistrict: St George the Martyr West
Enum District: 14 
       Parish: Southwark St George the Martyr

(RG14 PN1786 RG78PN63 RD23 SD3 ED14 SN339)

NOTE: The 1911 Census was taken on the 2nd of April. 

1911 census  
Address: 105 Heath Street, Mile End Old Town, London.

  Rel     Name        Age  Born        Occupation
 Head    Alfred Davis  39  City        Rag Sorter
 Wife  Mary Ann Davis  38  Borough
  Son      John Davis  13  London,     School
  Dau  Caroline Davis  10  Peckham     School
  Son    Edward Davis  8   Peckham     School
  Dau    Florie Davis  6   Abby St     School
  Dau     Jenny Davis  3   Abby St
  Son    George Davis  1   Whitechapel
Uncle    Edward Poole  66  Blackfriars Hawker  
  Dau      Mary Davis  0   Whitechapel

NOTE: Married 22 years. 11 Children born. 7 Still living. 
      Mary Davis is 2 weeks old. Edward is listed as single.

NOTE: The 1911 Census was taken on the 2nd April . 

NOTE: Alfred Davis is the son of Edward's sister, Elizabeth Sarah Poole/Davis.

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