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Eleanor Wensley

Birth:1801 Marriage:1819 Death:1881

Mother was Mary (surname unknown). Father was a Richard Wensley.
Born 1801 in Witney Oxfordshire. Later living in Highworth Wiltshire.

Eleanor married an John Poole, 1819 in Highworth Wiltshire.
Their children were:

Charles Poole (b.1819)
Mary Poole (b.1820)
Edward Poole (b.1821)
Clarence Poole (b.1824)
James Poole (b.1826)
John Poole (b.1826)

John, Eleanor and their family are found on the 1851 census, the 1861 census, and the 1871 census.

Eleanor died in 1881, aged 80.

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Some known addresses...
1801 - Witney Oxfordshire - aged 1
1819 - Highworth Wiltshire - aged 18
1851 - 3 Finchingfield Terrace - aged 49
1861 - 18 Bow Lane - aged 59
1871 - 42 Mason St - aged 69

Richard Wensley

Birth:1768 Marriage: Death:1843 Father of above Eleanor

Richard's occupation was an Innkeeper. Married to Mary (surname unknown). Children were:

Maria Wensley (b.1800)
Eleanor Wensley (b.1801)
Harriot Wensley (b.1803)
Charles Wensley (b.1804)
James Wensley (b.1806)
Mary Wensley (c.1813)
William Wensley (c.1813)
Richard Wensley (b.1814)
Ann Wensley (b.1816)
Belinda Wensley (b.1819)

Richard died in 1843, aged 75. His wife Mary died 1836, aged 63.

Richard is here with two of his sons and grandson in the 1841 census in Putney London.

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Some known addresses...
1801 - Witney Oxfordshire
1806 - Witney Oxfordshire
1813 - Highworth Wiltshire
1819 - Highworth Wiltshire
1841 - Putney London
1843 - Putney London