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Drawing Painswick Hall - PA
Painswick Hall,
Home to the Shewells.


Mary Shewell

Birth:c.1752 Marriage:1767 Death:

Mother was Elizabeth Fordham. Father was Stephen Shewell.
Born atb.1752 in Pennsylvania, America.

Married June 18th 1767, to Isaac Hunt, in Christ Church Philadelphia. Isaac and Mary's children were...

Franklin Hunt (c.1764)
Isaac Hunt (c.1768-1811)
Stephen Shewell Hunt (b.1772-1831)
Robert Hunt (b.1773-1851)
John Hunt (b.1775-1848)
Eliza Hunt (d.infancy bf.1777)
Benjamin Hunt (d.infancy bf.1777)
James Henry Leigh Hunt (b.1784-1859)
Mary Hunt (d.c.1790)

Mary's husband, Isaac Hunt (a lawyer), came out strong against those who fought with the British for the independence of the American colonies, and consequently left America in 1775. It wasn't for another two years that Mary and her children were able to join him in England. Which is where they permanently settled.

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Stephen Shewell

Birth:1727 Marriage:1750 Death:1809 Father of above Mary Shewell

Mother was Elizabeth Barton. Father was Robert Shewell.
Born 1727, Maryland America. Stephen was a merchant shipper.

Married to Elizabeth Fordham. Their Children were:

Joseph Shewell (b. )
Stephen Shewell (b. )
Elizabeth Shewell (b.1751)
Mary Shewell (Abt.1752)
Hannah Shewell (b.1773)
Frances Shewell (b.1775)
Lydia Shewell (b.1776)

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Robert Shewell

Birth:c.1700 Marriage:???? Death: Father of above Stephen Shewell

Mother was Mary Seagers. Father was Walter Shewell. Born abt.1700.

Married an Elizabeth Barton. Robert & Elizabeth's children were:

Stephen Shewell (b.1727)
Joseph Shewell (b.1728)
Mary Shewell (b.1731)
William Shewell (b.1733)
Elizabeth Shewell (b.1740)
Robert Shewell (b.1864)

A Book by Desmond Leigh Hunt, "Leigh Hunt's New World Forebears"
tells that Robert Shewell had arrived in America from Gloucestershire on the 7th June 1722.

Walter Shewell

Birth: Marriage: Death: Father of above Robert Shewell

Born Painswick, Gloucester, England. Married to a Mary Seagers.