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Jane Skevington

Birth:1834 Marriage:1856 Death:1907

Mother was Ann Skevington. Father was Samuel Skevington.
Born 1834 in Surrey Lambeth.

Married to Henry Thomas Hawkins, in 1856, Lambeth, and had eight children. Jane is shown in the 1881 census as a Boot Binder.
Jane & Henry's children were:

Jenney Hawkins (b.1856)
Mary Hawkins (b.1857)
Henry Hawkins (b.1860)
Caroline Hawkins (b.1863)
Edward Hawkins (b.1865)
John Hawkins (b.1867)
Arthur Hawkins (b.1870)
Robert Hawkins (b.1874)

1861 census is available, and also the 1871 census for Hawkins... To view the Hawkins 1881 census return click here, the 1891 census, and finally the 1901 census.

Jane died in 1907, aged 71 years old, in Lambeth London.

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Some known addresses...
1841 - John Street - aged 7
1861 - 79 Drury Lane - aged 28
1871 - 1 Peartree Street - aged 38
1881 - 1 Peartree Street - aged 42
1891 - 1 Peartree Street - aged 55

Samuel Skevington

Birth:1795 Marriage:1824 Death:1875 Father of above Jane Skevington)

Born c.1795 in Bedford, England. First wife was Jane Farr (m.1817). Married to his second wife Anne Wilson in 1824. Samuel was a Shoe Maker. His wife Anne died in 1849, aged 42. Their children were:

Caroline Ann Skevington (b.1825)
Maria Charlotte Skevington (b.1827)
Samuel Dimmock Skevington (b.1829)
Jane Skevington (b.1833)
Mercer Robert Skevington (b.1839)
Ann Skevington (b.1842)
John Wragg Skevington (b.1844)
Adam Wragg Skevington (b.1846)

Samuel Skevington and his family appear in the 1841 census, 1851 census, 1861 census, and the 1871 census

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Some known addresses...
1834 - 21 Wellington place, Blackfriars Rd - aged 39
1841 - 6 John Street - aged 45
1845 - East Street - aged 49
1847 - 62 East Street - aged 51
1849 - 62 East Street - aged 53
1851 - 62 East Street - aged 55
1861 - 2 Queen's Court - aged 65
1871 - 4 Eaton Street - aged 76

Mercer Skevington

Birth: Marriage: Death: Father of above Samuel Skevington

Resident in Bedford, England. Married to Ann. Mercer was a Shoe Maker. Their children were:

Samuel Skevington (c.1796)
Ann Skevington (c.1801)
John Skevington (c.1803)

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