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Elizabeth Fordham

Birth:1731 Marriage:1750 Death:

Mother was Hannah Bickley. Father was John Fordham.
Born 1731, in America.

Married to Stephen Shewell, 1750, in Pennsylvania. Stephen was a merchant shipper. They had seven children...

Joseph Shewell (b.         )
Stephen Shewell (b.         )
Elizabeth Shewell (b.1851)
Mary Shewell (c.1752)
Hannah Shewell (b.1773)
Frances Shewell (b.1775)
Lydia Shewell (b.1776)

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Some known addresses...

John Fordham

Birth:1704 Marriage:1730 Death: Father of above Elizabeth.

Born 10th Oct 1704, to Benjamin Fordham & Lydia Jennett.

Wife was a Hannah Bickley. They were married 27th Sept 1730, in NJ.
Children were...

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Benjamin Fordham

Birth:1665 Marriage:???? Death:1717 Father of above John Fordham.

Benjamin was born in England, and died in Annapolis,MD.
Wife was Lydia Jennett (Lydia's parents were John and Bridget Jennett). Children were...

James Fordham (b.         )
Margaret Fordham (b.1698)
Lydia Fordham (b.1700)
Benjamin Fordham (b.1703)
John Fordham (b.1704)
Joseph Fordham (b.1705)
Richard Fordham (Aft.1705)
Sarah Fordham (b.1708)

It is believed that Benjamin Fordham came from England in the late 1600's. He settled in Philadelphia upon his arrival from England and then later moved to Annapolis, where he established a local brewery. This brewery was known as the first new industry in Annapolis after it became the Provincial Capital. It was apparently not a large operation, and closed its doors upon Benjamin's death.

In the Annapolis town records of 1709, Benjamin is listed as an Alderman, and was appointed "so long as he shall well behave himself".

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