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Benjamin Fordham

Death details

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Philadelphia
page 443 Benjamin Fordham bur 2-10-1717 

Benjamin Fordham bur 2-10-1717 

NOTE: bur = buried 

Benjamin Fordham's Last Will and Testament 

I, Benjamin Fordham, of Annapolis in the providence of Maryland, Gent. 
Being in good health of body and of a sound and perfect mind, memory, 
and understanding and calling to mind the instability of this frail 
life and that it is appointed for all people once to die do upon my 
now being bound on a voyage to sea make and ordain this my last will 
and testament in manner following revoking all former and other wills, 
legacies, and bequests by making final heretofore made willed or 
bequeathed either by word or writing first I will that all my last 
debts and funeral expenses be paid and discharged by my executor 
hereinafter mentioned within, honored within a convenient time after 
my decease.

Now, I give, devise and bequeath onto each of my two youngest children, 
Richard and Sarah the sum of twenty-five pounds lawful money of America, 
by a late act of parliament then I give, devise, and bequeath all my 
real estate and the remainder and of all and singular my personal estate 
whatsoever and wheresoever the land may be found and of a nature, kind 
or species soever the land be unto my eight children, Benjamin, John, 
Joseph, Sames, Richard, Mary, Lydia, and Sarah to be equally divided 
amongst them each of which said children their part and portion of my 
said estate shall wholly and solely be and remain to him, her or them and 
his, her or their heirs and assigns forever and if any of my said child 
or children die before maturity without issue then and of such cases my 
will is that the record or share of such child or children so dying as 
aforesaid shall be equally divided among the survivors of them and their 
heirs and I do hereby nominate and appoint my truly friend , James Purrock 
of the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, Shipwright, solely executor in 
trust of this my last will and testament and for the better division of my 
estate among my children aforesaid above I do hereby fully empower and 
authorize him the said, James Purrock, to sell, grant, and convey and 
confirm all or any part of my estate as well real personal to any payors 
or payees for this.....
inheritance into simple or otherwise for the uttermost advantage and 
profit of my said children and the consideration money the sources sold 
for shall by him the said James be equally divided among my children 
aforesaid or the survivors of them. My real estate being three houses and 
land, lots of land in Annapolis aforesaid a lot of land and improvement in 
Great Street, in Philadelphia aforesaid and part of personal estate being 
a negro man, Wissy, and a negro woman and a sucking child and three negro 
boys from six to nine years.

In witness whereof the said Benjamin Fordham have put my hand and seal 
hereto date the eleventh day of August, Anno Domini and one thousand seven 
hundred and sixteen.

Benj. Fordham

Signed, sealed and declared by the said Benjamin Fordham as his last will 
and testament in the presence of after in testating the word James Aefore 
signing Edward Roberts, John Cadwallander and Edward Jones, Philadelphia, 
April this 24th day 1718.

Then personally appeared Edward Roberts, John Cadwallader and Edward Jones 
the witnesses to the aforegoing will and upon their respective solemn 
affirmations according to the law did declared they saw Benjamin Fordham 
the testator before named and sign seal and publicly declare the same as 
his last will and testament and that authorizing thereof he was of sound 
mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge.

Peter Evans, Registered General

Source: State of Maryland, Dept of General Services; Hall of Records; 
P.O. Box 828; Annapolis, MD 21401 -- Wills, Volume 14, pp. 502-503

Lydia Jennett  

Benjamin Fordham married Lydia Jennett.

Lydia's parents were John Jennett and Bridget.

Bridget in her will (she is widowed at the time) mentions three daughters,

 Lydia (m.B.Fordham)
Hester (m.Spencer)
 Sarah (m.James Parrock, a shipwright - children James and Sarah.)

Sarah Fordham - Marriage 
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Philadelphia
page 455 1733,12,22. Sarah (form Fordham) dis mou 

NOTE: dis = disowned, disowned for
      mou = married out of unity

Lydia Fordham - Marriage 

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Philadelphia
page 483 1724, 5,28. Arnold [Cassel], s Arnold, Phila., Pa., 
m Lydia Fordham,  dt Benjamin, late of Annapolis, Md., at Phila. MH 

1724, 5,28. Arnold [Cassel], s Arnold, Phila., Pa., m Lydia Fordham, 
dt Benjamin, late of Annapolis, Md., at Phila.

NOTE:  dt = daughter/daughters
        m = marry, married, marrying, marriage, month
       MH = meeting house, church