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Old map showing Belham Street & Sansom
Map, Sansom St. Belham 1899.
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Charles Booth notes on Sansom St, Camberwell, England.
Charles Booth notes - Sansom St.
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Photo of house in Sansom street
Sarah Ann lived here in 1881.

Still standing, 30 Sansom St
in Camberwell, South-London.

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Photo of St.Mary's church - Little Walsingham
St.Mary's Little Walsingham.

Image of the Old pump - Little Walsingham - 1900
Little Walsingham 1900.
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Sarah Ann Parker

Birth:1845 Marriage:1864 Death:1902

Mother was Ann Douglas Walton. Father was James Parker. Born 1845 in Bassingham, Lincoln.

Married at 19 years of age to George Thorne, in January of 1864, at St.Leonard's church Shoreditch, London.  Children were:

George Walter Thorne (b.1864)
Alice Maude Thorne (b.1866)
Ernest Thorne (b.1868)
Charles Thorne (b.1870)
Edith Thorne (b.1872)

Sarah Ann and her mother Ann were imprisoned for larceny in 1858 and sentenced to 12 months hard labour. You can read more about it here.

Sarah Ann & her family can be found on the 1871 census.

After Sarah's husband George died in 1872 we lose track of her children. She remarried in 1876 to William Ray.

In the 1881 census, William (1848), is shown as Labourer in a yeast factory (brewer)... Sarah as a Laundress, and the only child in the household is Edith Jane Thorne.

Charles in 1881 is residing at the Shoreditch Industrial School (Brentwood) for fatherless children. Alice in 1881 was residing at the Soldiers Daughters Home (A requirement for admittance would be that her father would have had to served in the Crimean war). Ernest had died a month or so before the 1881 census (taken in April of that year) aged 12.

William and Sarah Ray appear in the 1901 census.
Sarah died in 1902, aged 57.

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Some known addresses...
1858 - West Lynn, Lincolnshire - aged 12
1864 - 7 OR 1 New Inn St, Shoreditch - aged 19
1871 - 10 Belham St, Camberwell - aged 26
1881 - 30 Sansom St, Camberwell - aged 36
1891 - Suffolk Grove, Yard & Factory - aged 46
1894 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 49
1895 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 50
1897 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 52
1898 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 53
1899 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 54
1900 - 27 Suffolk Grove - aged 55
1901 - 28 Suffolk Grove - aged 56

James Parker

Birth:1817 Marriage:1844 Death:?

Father John Parker, mother unknown. Born 1815, Little Walsingham Norfolk.

Married to Ann Douglas Walton (born 1820, Thurlby Lincoln England).
Their children were:

Sarah Ann Parker (b.1845)
Charles Parker (b.1846)
Charles Parker (b.1848)
Eliza Parker (b.1851)
Jane Parker (b.1853)
George Parker (b.1855)
Walter Parker (b.1858)

In the 1851 Census, Ann and her family are in West Lynn, living in a Caravan. James Occupation is listed as Navvie.

Ann and the children appear on the 1861 census in Walsingham Union Workhouse. No sign of James, but she is not listed as a widow.

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Some known addresses...
1844 - Aubourn - aged 27
1845 - Bassingham - aged 28
1846 - South Bar Court, Lincoln City - aged 29
1851 - West Lynn - aged 34
1856 - Kings Lynn - aged 39
1858 - West Lynn, Lincolnshire - aged 41
1859 - Wymondham, Norfolk - aged 42

John Parker

Birth:1793 Marriage:1815 Death:1825

John was married to Ann Porter (b.1798), in 1815, at Wighton, Norfolk. John is listed as a labourer on his son James's marriage certificate.

Children were:

James Parker (b.1817)
Charles Parker (b.1819)
Sarah Parker (b.1821)
John Parker (b.1824)

John died in 1825, aged 32.

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