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Ray Family

1901 census

28 Suffolk Grove - West Southwark - All Hallows - London

  William Ray, Head, aged 55, born Faversham Kent. Foreman Yeast Merchants   
Sarah Ann Ray, Wife, aged 56, born Bassingham Lincoln.

PRO Ref: RG13  Piece: 361  Folio: 110  Page: 5

NOTE: The 1901 Census was taken on the 31st of March. 

NOTE: Sarah's brother, George Parker, in 1901 is living just around the corner 
      in Great Suffolk street at number 49. Also in the same street as George 
      is their sister, Jane Frery, at number 43, and Sarah's Son, Charles, with 
      his family at number 46. 

      Sarah's two daughters, Edith Ward (number 77) & Alice Gorick (number 75), 
      are living in Pocock Street (Suffolk Grove & Pocock will later be merge 
      into one street), with their families.