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Alice Maude Thorne

1881 British Census
 Individual Record
   Alice M. THORNE 

       Birth Year:  (1867)  
       Birthplace:  Shoreditch, Middlesex, England  
              Age:  14  
       Occupation:  Scholar  
   Marital Status:   
Head of Household:  Martha E. NEWMAN 
         Relation:  Other  

      Institution:  "Soldiers Daughters Home" Rosslyn Hill 
     Census Place:  London, Middlesex, England  
    PRO Reference:  RG11

Family History Library Film 1341036. Piece/Folio 0167/34  Page:6 
Individual Record for Alice M.Thorne at

NOTE: The 1881 Census was taken on the 3rd of April.

Soldiers Daughters Home

The Royal Soldiers' Daughters' Home, no. 65 Rosslyn Hill, was founded at Rosslyn 
House in 1855 to relieve the families of soldiers in the Crimea. 

Originally intended for destitute war orphans, it later took the daughters of 
serving, or retired soldiers; they were admitted from infancy to 13 and left at 16, 
able ones being trained to become teachers. From 1924 the school was maintained by 
the L.C.C., with a roll of c. 110 until the Second World War.