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Skevington Family

1851 census

62 East Street, St.Mary, Lambeth

  John Skevington  Head  51  Shoe maker   Bedford st.Johns   (widower)
Samuel Skevington  Son   21  Shoe maker   Surrey Lambeth
  Jane Skevington  Dau   17  Shoe Binder  Surrey Lambeth
Robert Skevington  Son   11               Middle
   Ann Skevington  Dau   9                Surrey Lambeth

HO.107/1572/497/33  schedule 165

NOTE: The 1851 Census was taken on the 30th of March. 

NOTE: 62 East Street is Samuel's address, and the kids listed are also his 
      but John is his brother. I've not found Samuel in 51 and John is listed
      as Head. John's kids have all been accounted for elsewhere. 

NOTE: At 57 East Street Ann Savidge(nee.Skevington)is living with her husband 
      & family. I suspect that Ann is John & Samuel's sister. She is also listed 
      as born in Bedfordshire. Ann & her husband often appear as witnesses on 
      Samuel's children's wedding records.

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