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Poole Family

1881 census

Address: 8 Pave Court, Southwark Christchurch.

   Name          Relation  Marital Gender  Age  Birthplace            Occupation 
   Edward Poole   Head       M     Male    39   (City)                Brass Moulder
Catherine Poole   Wife       M     Female  35   St George   Surrey  	
   Edward Poole   Son        U     Male    15   Bermondsey  Surrey    Scholar
   Arthur Poole   Son        U     Male    7    Edward St   Surrey    Scholar  
Catherine Poole   Dau        U     Female  12   Clerkenwell Middlesex Scholar

     Dwelling: 8 Pave Court
 Census Place: Southwark Christchurch, Surrey, England
 Library Film: 1341116
PRO Reference: RG11

Piece/Folio  0517/14  Page 23

NOTE: The 1881 Census was taken on the 3rd of April.   

NOTE: A total of 11 people are resident at 8 Pave Court in 1881. 
      Surnames: Poole(5) Dawe(1) Whitney(5)
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