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Additional Notes & Sources

Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt

Birth Details

Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt.

Born 11th May 1846 (IGI records)

Marriage Certificate
Edward Poole to Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt

   Date: 1868 - May 31st
   Name: Edward Poole - aged ?? - Brass moulder.
 Father: Edward Poole, Carman.
Address: Castle street

   Name: Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt - aged  22
 Father: John Hunt, Author
Address: Castle street

Witness: Edward Poole & Ruby Leigh Hunt. 

BMD Index

Marriages June 1868 - Hunt  Harriett Catherine L   West London  1c  74
                      Poole Edward                 West London  1c  74
Death - BMD Index 

Deaths Mar 1925 - Poole  Catherine  78yrs   Southwark  1d  79

Parish Record deaths
22/01/1925  - Catherine Poole  - 188 Queen's buildings, Southwark.

NOTE: Catherine's daughter Kate Ruby Thorne & her son, Sidney Thorne, 
      are listed at same address for 1925.

Extra info on Harriet's children

Kate Ruby Poole

BMD Index...

   Births Sep 1869 - Catherine Ruby Poole      Holborn     1b  625
Marriages Dec 1893 - Kate Ruby Poole           St.Saviour  1d  174
                     Charles Thomas E Thorne   St.Saviour  1d  174
   Deaths Mar 1957 - Catherine R Thorne 86yrs  Lambeth     5c  1249

For more information on Kate Ruby Poole please view her individual page.

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Edward W Poole

BMD Index...

   Births Dec 1870 - Poole Edward Walter St.Olave  1d  288
Marriages Dec 1893 - Poole Edward         Holborn  1b  1197
                     Moore Bridget        Holborn  1b  1197

1891 Census...

          Name: Edward Poole
           Age: 19
Est Birth Year: abt 1872
      Relation: Boarder
    Where born: Walworth, London
    Occupation: Book Binders Porter
       Address: 61 Orange St. AllHallows Boys Home
St Saviours, All Hallows, Southwark, England 
ED: 5  Piece: 342  Folio: 112  Page: 13

NOTE: I have a really strong feeling that this is the right Edward Poole. 
      After their father disappears, Arthur & Edward are no where to be 
      found in 1891. But in 1893 Arthur is in Orange Street, and their mother 
      is in Pepper St, just around the corner from them. Plus his occupation
      is a Porter in a Book Binders, and later his trade is a Book Binder. 
      Apart from the Head, a Clerk in Holy Order, & a domestic the other 
      boarders are all around the same age as Edward.

Marriage certificate...

22 Oct 1893, at Saint Luke, Old Street, Middlesex, Islington

Edward Poole (aged 22, Bookbinder) & Bridget Moore (aged 18)

Groom's Father: Edward Walter Poole (Brass founder)
Bride's Father: John Patrick Moore (Brick layer)
     Witnesses: Kate Ruby Poole and Robert Moore

1911 Census...

   Edward Poole  Head Married       40 1871 Yeast Labourer          Blackfriars
  Bridget Poole  Wife Married 18yrs 36 1875 Artificial Flower Maker St Pancras
 Florence Poole  Daug Single        15 1896 Leather Bag Maker       Southwark
    Elsie Poole  Daug                7 1904                         Southwark
    Ethel Poole  Daug                6 1905                         Fisbury
   Edward Poole  Son                 4 1907                         Fisbury
Frederick Poole  Son                 2 1909                         Fisbury
Elizabeth Moore  Relative Widow     66 1845 Housekeeper             St Pancras

Address: 3 Royley Street, Holborn, London, Saint Luke

 British Army WWI Pension Records...

                Name: Edward Walter Poole
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1876
   Age at enlistment: 39
           Residence: 43 Peerless Street, St Luke's London
         Next of kin: Wife, Bridget Poole
       Document Year: 1915
   Regimental Number: 14129
       Regiment Name: 20th(Shoreditch) Battalion Middlesex Regiment

NOTE: Edward was born 1870, thus making him 45 years old (nearly 46). Did he 
      lie to enlist? Discharged later under Paragraph 392, Kings Regulations.

Para 392 (iii) (B)

(iii) Not being likely to become an efficient soldier.
  (b) Recruit passed by medical officer, but rejected by a recruiting 
      officer stationed away from the headquarters of the recruiting area, 
      or by approving officer.

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Arthur Poole

BMD Index...

Births Mar 1873 - Poole  Arthur  St. Saviour 1d 7

British Army Service Records...

              Name: Arthur Poole
Age At Attestation: 18
        Birth Year: 1874
  Attestation Date: 31 June 1893
       Birth Place: London, Southwark Surrey England
 Attestation Corps: East Surrey Regiment
    Soldier Number: 7271
   Discharge Corps: East Surrey Regiment
          Regiment: East Surrey Regiment, 31st & 70th Foot
       Description: 5ft 3in, 118lbs, Brown eyes & D.brown hair.
           Address: 13 Orange Street, Gravel Lane

Box 592 Number 264  Series militia service records 1806-1915

NOTE: The original images (3) show that Arthur signed up again in 1899 
      & was due for permanent duty with the regular forces. He served in 
      South Africa from the 5th June 1901 to 26th July 1902.

NOTE: 11,13,15 Orange Street was lodging Houses.

1901 Census...

Name          Relation         Sex  Age  Birth  Occupation     Born
Arthur Poole  Prisoner  Single  M   26   1875   Dock Labourer  Southwark London 

Address: Wandsworth, county London.  RG13 Piece:488 Folio:47 Page:28      

Wandsworth Prison Record...

              Reg No: 11668
           Committal: 11 March 1901 Southwark
             Offence: Assaulted a Policeman
            Sentence: 6 weeks hard labour
           Education: IMP (?)
                 Age: 26 years
              Height: 5' 3"
               Trade: labourer
            Religion: C of E
                Born: London
Previous Convictions: 3
          Discharged: 20 April 1901

NOTE: Obtained by Ron from the Metropolitan Archives London.

British Army WWI Pension Records...

 Document Year: 1914
    Form Title: Short Service Attestation
 Regiment Name: Royal Field Artillery
         Where: Southwark Town Hall
          Name: Arthur Poole
 Regimental No: 39945
    Occupation: Casual Labourer
   Birth Place: Southwark, Surrey
  Declared Age: 31 40
        Height: 5ft 3½ inches
        Weight: 122lbs
    Complexion: Fresh
 Hair and Eyes: Brown
        C of E: Yes
      Enlisted: 6th Oct 1914
    Discharged: 16th Nov 1914 (42 days)
   Next of Kin: Mother, Catherine Poole 
                61 Little Surrey Place Blackfriars Road. 
                Mans address: 6 Sylvester Street Borough.

Distinctive marks/scars:
Lady ? Lforearm
T.R.A Rforearm
Scar over forehead

Like his brother Edward, Arthur also lied about his age. Told them he was 
31 when he was in fact 40. He was discharged later under Paragraph 392, 
Kings Regulations.

Para 392 (iii) (B)

(iii) Not being likely to become an efficient soldier.
  (b) Recruit passed by medical officer, but rejected by a recruiting officer
      stationed away from the headquarters of the recruiting area, or by 
      approving officer.