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Additional Notes & Sources

Brian Hunt

Baptism - Brian Hunt
Briant Hunt

Christening, 3rd April 1685, Sevenoaks, Kent, England.
     Father, Isaac Hunt.

Source: Taken from the Lds IGI register.

Clergy of the Church of England Database

Vicar : Quadring (24/07/1717 - 12/06/1722 )

Type  Name           Date        Office   Event         Location 	
Appt  Hunt, Brianus  24/07/1717  Vicar    Collation     Quadring/Lincs
Appt  Hunt, Brianus  12/06/1722  Vicar    Resignation   Quadring/Lincs
The colonial church in Virginia.

Hunt, Brian: Admitted at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1704. Of Kent. 
Matriculated, 1705. B.A. 1722. Ordained deacon, March 5, priest, March 10, 
1709-10. "Literate" vicar of Quadring, Lincolnshire, 1717. Marine chaplain, 
non-resident. Missionary of the S.P.G. stationed at St.John's South Carolina, 
1723-26. K.B.Va, May 8, 1722. No record of his having served in Virginia.

NOTE: The colonial church in Virginia. Original data: Goodwin, Edward Lewis,. 
      with biographical sketches of the first six bishops of the diocese of 
      Virginia, and other historical papers, together with brief biographical 
      sketches of the colonial clergy of Virginia. Pub. Co., c1927.

       Name: Brian Hunt
Destination: Virginia
       Date: 08 May 1722

Source: Money Book, 29-203. A List of Emigrant Ministers 
        to America 1690-1811. How Pedigrees Are Traced.

Brian and Ann's Children

Catherine Hunt

Baptised, 25th Jan 1709, Haddenham, Cambridge, England.
 Parents, Brian and Anne Hunt.

William Hunt

Baptised, 10th Jul 1710, St.Andrew Holborn, London, England.
 Parents, Bryan and Ann Hunt.

Brian Huntt

Baptised, 27th Feb 1717, Quadring, Lincoln England.
 Parents, Brian and Ann Hunt.

Isaac Hunt

    Born, 27th July 1722
Baptised, 6th August 1722, St.Sepulchre, London.
 Parents, Bryan and Anne Hunt.

NOTE: Unsure of Catherine Hunt as possible child as not seen mention of her
      anywhere else. 

Source: Taken from the Lds IGI register.