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Eusebius Hunt

Marriage - IGI

Eusebius Hunt to Elizabeth Crofts
29 NOV 1614, Lolworth, Cambridge, England

Taken from the Lds IGI register.

NOTE: There are two records for this marriage. 
      Second one says Elizabeth widow Crafts.

Clergy of the Church of England Database

Person: Hunt, Eusebis (1615 - 1615)  CCEd Person ID: 28973

VENN: Matric. pens. from CHRIST'S, Dec. 1610; B.A. from Jesus, 1613-4; M.A. 1618. 
Ord. deacon (York) Mar. 1613-4; priest, Dec. 1618. V. of Maltby, Yorks. 
Minister at Fen Drayton, Cambs., 1614. R. of Orton Longueville, Hunts., 1637-52. 
Minister of Warboys, 1643. R. of Houghton, 1643. R. of Binfield, Berks., 1647. 
(Peile, I. 279.)

Education Events

Type  Name           Date        Qualification  University
Appt  Hunt, Eusebis  25/10/1615      BA 	 

Appointment Events

Details Curate: Fen Drayton (25/10/1615)

Type  Name           Date        Office  Event      Location
Appt  Hunt, Eusebis  25/10/1615  Curate  Licensing  Fendrayton

Source: Clergy of the Church of England Database.