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Census Return 1851

Leigh-Hunt Family

1851 census
Address: 2 Phillimore Tce, off Kensington on High St.
     Leigh Hunt Head 66 Born Middlesex Southgate, General Literature.
Mary Ann L Hunt Wife 62 Born Pershore Worcestershire.
 Vincent L Hunt Son  27 Born Genoa Italy, Amanuensis to his father.
   Percy L Hunt Son  33 Born Middlesex Lisson Grove Paddington,Clerk in her Majesty's 
                                                               (record office?)

Two house servants - Catherine Clancy, 17, and Ann Ogilvy 29.

  Parish: Kensington. 
District: St Mary Abbotts
HO107/1468/193/37 schedule 145

NOTE: Amanuensis is a clerk who writes from dictation.

NOTE: The 1851 Census was taken on the 30th of March.