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Allen Family

1841 Census

Address: Little James St.
   Thomas Allen, Head, 50 Lab. 
     Mary Allen, Wife, 50
  William Allen, son,  15 
 Caroline Allen, Dau,  11 

Christ Church - Marylebone.


NOTE: The 1841 Census was taken on the 7th of June. 

NOTE: Ages on the 1841 census, up to age 15 are listed exactly, but
      ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest five years. 
Thomas Allen's Son Thomas & family, same street.

   Thomas Allen, Head, 20 
     Emma Allen, Wife, 20 
     Emma Allen, Dau,  2 
  Harriet Allen, Dau,  4m 

NOTE: Their daughter Sarah (aged 4) is with her grandparents,the Porters,
      also living in Little James Street.
Thomas Allen's Son George & family, same street.

   George Allen, Head, 20 
     Mary Allen, Wife, 15 
      Ann Allen, Dau,  3m 

NOTE: George and his family are still at 4 Little James Street in the 
      1851 & 1861 Census.