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Thorn Family

1841 census

St.James's Parade - St.James Abbey Bath Somerset

Thorn Thomas    30 M Painter J. Y 7/20
Thorn Hannah    30 F            Y 7/20
Thorn George    9  M
Thorn Charlotte 4  F
Thorn Mary Ann  0  F (9 Months)   

HO107/0969 Folio 3/13 Page 20

NOTE: Journeyman - A tradesman who has served his trade apprenticeship &
      mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but originally 
      hired by the day. The name derives from the French for day - jour.

NOTE: The 1841 Census was taken on the 7th of June. 

NOTE: Ages on the 1841 census, up to age 15 are listed exactly, but ages
      over 15 were rounded down to the nearest five years.

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