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Walton Family

1841 CENSUS  

     John Walton, 50yrs, born: Lincolnshire. Ag Labourer
Elizabeth Walton, 60yrs, born: Lincolnshire.
     Jane Walton, 20yrs, born: Lincolnshire.
   Robert Walton, 15yrs, born: Lincolnshire.
      Ann Walton, 4yrs,  born: Lincolnshire.

           Place: Sheepwalk, Thurlby Hall, Thurlby
    Civil Parish: Thurlby
         Hundred: Boothby Graffo (Lower Division)
   County/Island: Lincolnshire
    Reg district: Newark
Sub-reg district: Bassingham
Piece:623  Book:8  Folio:5  Page Number:5

NOTE: The 1841 Census was taken on the 7th of June. Ages on the 1841 census, 
      up to age 15 are listed exactly, but ages over 15 were rounded down to 
      the nearest five years.

1841 CENSUS  

Richard Harrison 20, Ag Labourer
    James Walton 15, Ag Labourer
 Sarah Staniland 15, F.S

NOTE: Same page 3 households down is their son James.

NOTE: Enumerators Schedule description: Thurlby county of Lincoln, the whole of 
the parish, the houses are scattered about, and a great distance from one another.

1841 CENSUS  

       Ann Walton, 20yrs, born: Lincolnshire.
      John Walton, 20yrs, born: Lincolnshire. Ag Labourer.

Piece:623  Book:8  Folio:4  Page Number:2
Turnkpike, Thurlby, Lincolnshire.

NOTE: John's son is also John Walton and is living nearby with his wife.

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