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George Thorne

1851 census

13th Regiment of Infantry at Winchester. 

George Thorne, Private, Um, 20, Labourer (previous to date shown)

Born St.James Bath Somerset.

HO107/1674 - RegDist Winchester - SubRegDist Winchester - Folio 114 - Page 11

NOTE: Going by this census, this makes George DOB 1831/1832. This does not 
      tally With his DOB calculated on marriage cert, and 1871 census return. 
      Regardless of this I believe this is the correct person & age.
      We know George served at some point in the army also from fact that his 
      daughter after his death in 1872, ended up in the Soldiers Daughters Home.
      We also know he was born Bath Somerset from cross references with his 
      sisters marriages in London, plus earlier and later census returns for
      the whole family, all originally from Bath Somerset. This is the right 
      George Thorne.

NOTE: The 1851 Census was taken on the 30th of March.

NOTE: In the 1862 Army List - written at the end of 1861 - the 1st Battalion of 
      the 13th Regiment were in Gwalior, India. The 2nd Battalion were in the 
      Cape of Good Hope, having embarked for there on 23 February 1859. The Depot 
      of both battalions was in Fermoy, Ireland. So you would not expect to find 
      them in the 1861 Census. 
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