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Porter Family

1851 Census

Address: 11 Little James St.
  Thomas Porter, head, 70, m, Hertfordshire, Jobbing Lab.
Caroline Porter, wife, 66, m, Sussex, Charwoman.  
   Henry Porter,  Son, 40, u, Marylebone, Carman Dustman.
 Richard Porter,  Son, 32, u, Marylebone, Dustman  Lab.
    Sarah Allen, Neic, 13, u, Marylebone, Scholar.

      Parish: Marylebone.
Ecc district: Christ Church.
     Borough: Marylebone.

HO107/1490/291/61  schedule: 313 

NOTE: I'm not entirely sure if it says Hertfordshire or Staffordshire. 
      Same confusion with the 1861 Census too.

NOTE: The 1851 Census was taken on the 30th of March. 

NOTE: Same house, different household is his daughter Emma with her 
      husband Thomas Allen and their family.
      Next door at number 10 is a William Porter married to, and living 
      with his in-laws the Cheveralls. See below.

1851 Census

Address: 10 Little James St.
  Peter Cheverall,    head, 48, w, Marylebone, Blacksmith.
  Henry Cheverall,     Son, 20, u, Marylebone, 
 George Cheverall,     Son, 16, u, Marylebone, 
Charles Cheverall,     Son, 12, u, Marylebone, 
 Elizabeth Porter,     Dau, 26, m, Marylebone,
   William Porter, S.inlaw, 31, u, Paddington, Groundwork Lab
      Jane Porter,   G.dau,  2,    Marylebone

NOTE: Is William Porter related to Thomas & Caroline? Nephew perhaps?
      William married Elizabeth Cheverall 1852. After Jane was born.
      (May be spelled Chivrall), Their daughter Jane is listed twice on 
      the BMD Index as Hannah Venden Cheverell Porter Cheverall, and then 
      again the same with Porter as surname. Then in 1861 census she is 
      Porter, then on her marriage banns Chivrall, with William Porter as
      a witness and nothing under father.

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