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Hawkins Family

1911 Census

Address: 141 I Block Queen's Buildings.
                                        Sex  Age  Occupation    Born  	 	  
     John Hawkins  Head  Married         M   43   Type Founder  London Drury Lane  	
   Amelia Hawkins  Wife  Married  20yrs  F   43                 London Southwark 	
     Rose Hawkins  Daug                  F   19   Book Folder   London Lambeth 	
   Amelia Hawkins  Daug                  F   15                 London Southwark 	
Elizabeth Hawkins  Daug                  F   10   At School     London Lambeth 	
    Alice Hawkins  Daug                  F    7   At School     London Southwark 	
   Violet Hawkins  Daug                  F    1                 London Southwark 	
   Arthur Hawkins  Neph                  M    5                 London Lambeth 	

       County: London
     District: Southwark 	
  Subdistrict: St George the Martyr West
Enum District: 18 	
       Parish: Southwark St George the Martyr
(RG14 PN1790 RG78 PN63 RD23 SD3 ED18 SN251)

NOTE: Original image states, 10 Children born, 5 still living.   
NOTE: The 1911 Census was taken on the 2nd of April. 

NOTE: Daughter Rose has been listed twice. Once in her family home,
      and once around at her grandparents house. Allen Family.
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