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John Hawkins

Birth - BMD Index

Births Dec 1867 - Hawkins  John Parker   Strand  1b  533

Marriage - Certificate

   Date: 1892, April 16th - St.Johns Waterloo Rd.
   Name: John Hawkins, aged 24, Type founder.
 Father: Henry Thomas Hawkins, Boot maker.
Address: 1 pear tree street.

   Name: Amelia Allen, aged 24, Machinist.
 Father: Thomas Allen, Carman.
Address: 27 Bond Street.
Witness: Mary Ann Hill

Marriage - BMD Index

Marriages June 1892 - Hawkins  John   Lambeth  1d  721 
                      Allen  Amelia   Lambeth  1d  721
Death details

BMD Index...

Deaths Jun 1922 - Hawkins  John P  54yrs  Southwark  1d  37

Death certificate...

26th June 1922 (at) Guys Hospital, John Parker Hawkins, 54 years, of 141 
I Block Queens Buildings Scovell Road Southwark. Type caster

Asthenia due to fracture of skull caused by fall down unlighted stairs leading 
to deceased tenement at 141I Block Queens buildings Southwark. Accidental P.M.

Certificate received from T J Waldo. Coroner in Southwark Inquest held 28th June 1922

Electoral Roll 1918

141I Queens Buildings - John Hawkins     R   O
141I Queens Buildings - Amelia Hawkins   HO  HO 

NOTE:  R. = Residence Qualification
     B.P. = Business premises qualification
       O. = Occupation Qualification
     H.O. = Qualification through husband's occupation
     N.M. = Naval or Military Voter
       D. = Qualification through wife's occupation
       Rw = Residence qualification
       Bw = Business premises qualification
       Ow = Occupation Qualification
       Dw = Qualification through husband's occupation