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Appeal for lost Cousins

Lee Family - London

UPDATE: Jan 2014 - Dora Lee's son contacted me and provided me with loads of old photos and information about the family, after he found my website. Thank you John :)

Looking for cousins of my father... Leslie Lee and Dora Lee. Their mother was Dora (Dolly) Lee and father Harold (Harry) Lee. Dolly's maiden name was Thorne and my grandfather, Sidney Charles Thorne's sister.

A few facts that might help.....

Dolly Thorne was born 1897. Her only brother Sidney was born 1894, both from London. Their parents were Charles Thomas Edgar Thorne (b.1870), and their mother was Kate (Catherine) Ruby Poole (b.1869).

One known address for the Lee family was 214 Clapham Road, London.

Eric Marr and Dora Lee both worked for Pathe News.

I'm in the process of tracing the family tree on my father's side of the family and would be very interested in hearing from any descendants of Dolly Thorne/Lee. It would be nice to share information about the tree and perhaps gain some extra information. I also know that other members of the family, my uncles, would be really very keen to find out what happened to their cousins and auntie Doll.

Use the links below to either contact me directly or click on the tree link to see where the Lee family come on my family tree.

Look forward to hearing from you !!