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Thomas Wallis Hawkins

Last Will and Testament

I Thomas Wallis Hawkins of 39 High street Southwark stationer so/do  ____ this my will and testament my just debts to be paid this house of  the aforesaid premises no. 39 high street Southwark  and the business premises on __________   of Stationer and so far as shall be adjudged _______________ of Mr John Page/pace who shall act as arbitrator for all  parties  if agreeable to my son Thomas but if not he may appoint some other on his part and if they know not  _______ 2 arbitrators to appoint a third to settle to _______every thing I am ___________ profits of ___  _______________ and to my wife Bridget my Daus Elizabeth Anna Mary and my dear son Edward Wallis Hawkins for their mutual benefit and advantage  & if any difference should arise the matter shall be referred to Mr Jno.Page whose judgment shall be final. To my son George any better token of my love he may choose not exceeding ten pounds either a ring or money it is all I can afford however? if fortune favors him he will be a friend & Guardian to his mother & sisters and they will have none other I fear that is natural ??  do appoint Mr John Page iron monger 45 ___ and my wife Bridget executors to this my will and testament July 15 1810. TW Hawkins.

On which day appeared personally Archibald Campbell Russell of Lant Street Southwark in the county of Surrey Gentleman and John Page of High Street Southwark  aforesaid Iron monger & by virtue of their corporal oaths deposed that they knew & were well acquainted with Thomas Wallis Hawkins late High Street aforesaid deceased and also with his manner and character of handwriting and subscription having divers times seen him write & subscribe his name to writing and having now carefully viewed and perused a certain paper writing hereunto annexed purporting... 

to his  _______  this last will and testament of the said deceased ____ and will  _______ this I Thomas Wallis Hawkins of 39 high street Southwark stationer _____ this to this my will and testament duly 15th 1810 and this  _____________  TW Hawkins and say that they do and in this constitutes believe his whole body.

NOTE: Original Will is very hard to read. Will fill in the gaps if and when I figure out what they are.
NOTE: On someone else's family tree website they had a note next to a reference  to a will that mentioned the "Archibald Campbell Russell"... it said.....   Archibald appears in a Southwark street directory of 1811 as a solicitor, in Lant Street, Borough. We know from the chancery case papers of Jesse Gouldsmith v Ann Luntley of 1870 that he acted for the Luntley family in  marriage settlements and other legal documents, and that he advanced funds as a mortgage to Philip James Luntley.