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Nunhead Cemetery

The Search...

c.1955 As the Grave was... As it was found April 2008!
Buried. Top third showing, it had to be dug up. In Loving memory of My Dear Husband Sidney Thorne. Fell Asleep 14th Feb.1954. Aged 59 yrs. Nunhead Cemetery after years of neglect is wildly grown over. Many areas are designated wildlife areas now. As the aerial view, below on the left, shows just how overgrown it is. And the map obtained from the council on the right shows areas with shading that are the designated wildlife areas. This includes the area where Sidney is buried (marked in red pen).
Red dot & red square mark the spot. 22411... 23sq.
To even find his grave we had to overlap the map on the photo and worked out the scale to find exact distance up the path. Before the fancy map work we were just guessing the distance & once on the path all you can see very high bushes either side & no idea of how far you have come.
Nunhead is now looked after by a charity that have done a huge amount of work clearing out areas. But in the area we were interested in the only graves standing are those that have been put back up in last couple of years. Just look at how wild it is in there now !!
Few more steps along the path & I'm walking right over Sidney's Grave. Looking back down the path I just come along. Actually in 23sq.
Most stones are not even just beneath the undergrowth but packed down into the dirt. Some covered completely.
View - standing right in front of stone looking in opposite direction away from it. No stones to be seen anywhere!!
A few do lie above ground usually either side of the smaller pathways.
Back out onto one of the main paths...
And here it is... all cleaned up and back upright !