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Allen Family

1891 Census Thomas Allen & Family

Address: 27 Bond Street,

   Thomas Allen, Head,50, Born: London, Lambeth, Dust carman.
Elizabeth Allen, Wife,48, Born: London, Lambeth.

   Amelia Allen, Dau, 24, Born: London, Lambeth, Machinist. 
   Thomas Allen, Son, 22, Born: London, Lambeth, Printer.  
  Charles Allen, Son, 14, Born: London, Lambeth, Van boy.
   Joseph Allen, Son, 13, Born: London, Lambeth, Van boy.
Elizabeth Allen, Dau, 9,  Born: London, Lambeth, Scholar.
    Alice Allen, Dau, 6,  Born: London, Lambeth, Scholar.
     John Allen, Son, 4,  Born: London, Lambeth. 
Frederick Allen, Son, 2,  Born: London, Lambeth. 

    Registration district: Lambeth  
Sub registration district: Waterloo Road First  

RG12/387  Ed:2  Folio: 54  Page: 45

NOTE: The 1891 Census was taken on the 5th of April. 

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