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Allen Family

1911 census

Address: 13 Bazon St, Commercial Road.
                                     Sex  Age Occupation           Born  	 	  
   Thomas Allen  Head       Married   M   69                       London Marylebone  	
Elizabeth Allen  Wife       Married   F   69                       London St Giles 	
    Alice Allen  Daughter   Single    F   26  Bottle Labeler       London Lambeth 	
Frederick Allen  Son        Single    M   23  Drapers Porter       London Lambeth 	
   Rose Hawkins  Niece      Single    F   18  Book Folder          London Lambeth 	
     John Allen  Son        Married   M   25  Flour Mill Labourer  London Lambeth 
   Louisa Allen  DaugInLaw  Married 3 F   23                       London Lambeth 	
    Alice Allen  Granddaug            F   2                        London Kennington 	
   John G Allen  Grandson             M   5M                       London Lambeth 	

     County: London
   District: Lambeth 
Subdistrict: Lambeth Church
EnuDistrict: 6 	
     Parish: Lambeth
(RG14PN1948 RG78PN69 RD25 SD1 ED6 SN114)

NOTE: The 1911 Census was taken on the 2nd of April.

NOTE: 8 children born and 8 still living.

NOTE: The above census has obvious mistake. After the Niece Rose Hawkins 
      the names beneath should all be Allen again. Having only bought the 
      transcribed version, I do not know if the mistake is on the original
      census or made by the transcriber. Update. Transcribed version
      was wrong and been corrected now.
      See his son John Allen's marriage details below:
      Marriages Dec 1906 - Allen   John         Lambeth	 1d	714	
                           McLaren Louisa Mary  Lambeth	 1d	714	
NOTE: Rose Hawkins, Niece, is the daughter of Amelia Allen & John Hawkins. 
      So Thomas Hawkins Granddaughter. I'm guessing that one of his son's 
      filled out the form & hence the mistake of putting niece as 
      relationship to head of household.

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